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Electric rate “Shock” in Northeast U.S.

The winter is setting in on the northeast and many are getting beyond surprised in the shocking jump in the electric/gas bill.

Energy customers in Massachusetts have seen as much as a 50% increase in the last month. Take a look at the current rates offered by 3 major Massachusetts utilities:

Massachusetts Utility rates for Jan 2015
Massachusetts Utility rates for Jan 2015

Note that these rates are locked for the next 6 months, except National Grid which is only 4. But more importantly news sources indicate that there is opportunity for even higher rates in the coming years!

Would it not be better to lock in a LOWER rate right now and be worry free for the next THREE YEARS. Take for example National Grid at 16.27 or you could lock in a rate of 13.49 for the next 3 years. That’s a 15% savings on the rate!

How about Nstar. How about 12.99 for three years vs. 14.97-over 14% off. Wmeco is over 13%, check out the rates below:

3 major utility rate comparison
3 major utility rate comparison

But rate savings aren’t the only thing you could save-how about saving our planet? With energy generated from green sources, you could make a significant positive impact on the environment while saving money on your utility bill.

Other states in the Northeast are seeing the same type of rate increases, so if you would like to see if you can save money AND save the environment, just hop on over to:


Just put in your zip code and see how much of a difference you can make today. Doesn’t it just make sense to keep money in your pocket instead of paying it to the utility?

Massachusetts getting bad news all over

Last winter was tough for many in the northeast with the polar vortex. Unfortunately, just because the winter of 2013-14 is overmassachusetts and 2014-2015 is starting, many are still paying for the cold weather last year.

Utility rates in the northeast have skyrocketed in some cases, but it seems that those in Massachusetts are among the hardest hit. National Grid was approved as of November 1 to an increased rate to 16.18 cents per kwh-nearly double the previous rate.



The Boston Globe reports an expected 29% increase in the Nstar rates-from 8.379 to 14.972 cents per kwh.

These two are among the highest increases out there and it seems, at least NatGrid, is expecting this trend to continue!

Fortunately, there is an answer, you don’t have to accept these utility rates! You can lock in a great savings rate of 11.99 for the NEXT THREE YEARS if you act before November 30, 2014.

As a matter of fact, we are so confident that customers will benefit from the price certainty offered for three years, we also offer transparency into our back-end rebate — which includes up to 110% of the difference should the customer end up paying more with us vs the utility.
-Price safety
-and a guarantee.
The choice is yours-a dramatically high electric bill this winter with price uncertainty or a low locked in rate you can rely on for the next three years.
There are only a few days left in this month, so act today to lock in your rate guarantee for the next three years.