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What do you think an iCar will look like?

Apple has been leading the way towards a renewable energy future for many years. Just last week the company announced it will partner with First Solar to build a 280-megawatt solar energy farm in Monterey, California. With Tesla moving beyond the auto industry into renewable energy generation in its partnership with SolarCity, it’s not surprising that Apple is branching out, too.

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2015-Year of the EV?

I have to say that I am ecstatic about the advancements made in electric vehicle’s (EV’s). 2015 will see many improvements to hit the roadway around the globe.

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

I would have to say that my favorite is the Tesla Model S, with all the new innovations from the Tesla Motors. They seem to be light years ahead of the competition in this niche market.

I have followed Tesla since their inception in 2003 and love their innovation and desire to prove the performance and reliability of the EV. Plus with their innovation on storage capacity (lithium-ion batteries), they far exceed the competition in mileage between charges.

My hope for the future, as technology advances in solar power, is that an EV can be built that will be self-sustainable, eliminating the need to still use grid-power to charge! I believe that the group of genius engineers at Tesla can do just that.

For now,  with home solar capabilities, the option to plug in the car and charge from solar panels is a viable option to reduce the need to pull power from the grid.

I look forward to further innovation in this market, but for now, take a look at whats coming this year:

2015 Electric and Hybrid Cars from oreeko.com