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Every Penny part II: Track Your Spending

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I wrote a post before about how I try to stay as thrifty as possible to assuage my stay-at-home mom, doesn’t-bring-home-the-bacon guilt and I mentioned that a technique I’ve used before is to track my spending.

I rarely buy things for myself and whenever my husband or I do, we always spend within an agreed upon limit.  However, more times than not I am walking to the register with my thrifty purchase in hand feeling so guilty for spending money on myself when this $5, $10, $20 could be going to our savings or bills or loans.  Whenever we’ve gone over budget in the past I spend a good few days just blaming my selfish shopping because my (illogical and unreasonable) guilt always forces me to assume that the overage was from something I bought for myself.

Well, for the past 6 or so months we’ve been feeling the squeeze…

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How To Save Money

Musings Of A Mountain Mama


First of all, a bit of a disclaimer, this is not your average “how to save a buck” faux frugality article. This is extreme frugality or, better yet, what I have personally termed “practical frugality” that takes into account both the short term and long term scope of not only living within one’s means in the present but gradually over time reducing one’s need for money overall. I have a unique perspective, that of a stay at home mom who is also a homesteader pursuing a more sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle, which allows me more freedom than the average city dwelling wage slave in implementing a wide variety of strategies in the quest to reduce my need for money. I have written this article for people who are like me or on the road towards a similar goal.

The first rule of how to save money is to not spend…

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