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Love this electric Bill!

Aug Bill Negative

I actually loved opening this bill! That is a first since …….well…..FOREVER! I was always nervous about my bills before but since we installed solar-Oh well, I am a happy camper!

If you have not thought about going solar for whatever reason-Maybe you should re-think!

  • No installation fees
  • No upfront cost
  • No maintenance fees or repair costs for 20 years
  • Own website to monitor output of system
  • No hassle paperwork-everything done by email/phone until installation
  • Reliable, professional service.
  • Opportunity to put money back in your pocket with free Solar Rewards referral Program.

See how easy it is for yourself with NO COST OR OBLIGATION

The Power is in the Proof

Since we have had our solar installed, I have written an update each month so that anyone even thinking about going solar can have the facts in hand. This month is no different and actually I am pretty impressed with the numbers considering the amount of 90+ degree days we have had.

I am really no going to say much as I will just post pictures of my bills and you can decide for yourself.

This is a capture of our utility bill basically for the month of June 2016 (June6-July5, 2016)
Our Solar Usage bill for month of June 2016 (June 1- June 30, 2016)


As you can see our Utility Bill total was $165.17, which added to the $45.93 from the solar bill made our total utility cost just $211.10. Now take a look at last years utility bill:


There is about an $85 difference from last year, but ok I know your thinking, ” well, there were less Kw used this year than last.” Ok, let’s take a look.

Electric usage profile for June 2015 and 2016
Solar usage profile for June 2016. 496.03 Kw generated.

So June 2016 Kw total (Utility and Solar) :1323Kw. Wow, yes that is less than the 1643 from July 2015 exactly 320.  Yes we are being proactive in reducing our energy usage.

Lets look deeper:

Taking a look at ONLY Kw usage:

1323 Kw used total (utility & solar) if we paid utility (.099 Kw) we would have paid $130.98

But we only paid $120.28-so Kw for Kw, Dollar for Dollar-we still saved over $10 this month. Some months will be better than others but a savings of $120+ a year is worth it to me.

As I had stated in an earlier post, this is a very small system due to the lack of roof space we have, but in the long run:

  1. We put no money out of pocket up front
  2. We paid nothing for installation, permits etc
  3. All maintenance, repairs, and/or replacements are free during the life of the contract (20 yrs-and the contract is transferrable to new owners if we would ever sell) Not a penny comes from me!
  4. We can monitor production/usage on our own website hourly if we choose.
  5. Company monitors system 24/7 and sends someone to repair/replace any issues without us lifting a finger.
  6. We are making a significant impact on the environment by reducing our dependence on grid energy.

This has just been a great experience so far and I am so happy with the outcomes and returns from our system.

I would recommend anyone even thinking about solar to at least get a free, no obligation consultation. It is all handled by email and phone until you make a decision to have it installed.

Get you free consultation here:

Disclaimer: Although I am excited about our solar install, I do receive a referral bonus from anyone that submits a free consultation through this website and moves forward to install. BUT the good news is YOU CAN TOO! Be sure to check out the Solar Rewards Program so you can claim a $250 bonus with each and every referral-NO LIMIT!

p.s.-If you are not ready to go solar, but want to still make a difference on the environment, check out how you can have a great impact here:



Reduce personal energy dependence

Today’s economy is rising tide of expenses and debt for the average consumer. It seems to many that there will never again be a low tide where one can catch their breath before dealing with yet another increase or financial crisis. In previous posts, I gave several tips on ways to decrease your expenses and although we are soon starting a new year, those tips are still very pertinent today.

We have moved forward in our sustainable living model with the addition of rabbits, bees, tilapia fish, and a large aquaponics setup, which have all helped in reducing our need on outside sources to live a comfortable, frugal life.

I would like to take a moment to once again discuss the desire and need to reduce our energy consumption-initially to reduce our expense and be less dependent on outside sources, but since have noted how much a difference has been made in reducing our carbon gas emissions.We are taking our energy reduction one step further with the addition of a solar panel grid to our electric system.

In the past decade solar power was an expensive venture to install and maintain, but in just the last few years many new innovations have made solar power a very affordable opportunity to the average homeowner. In just the past few months, thousands have contacted us to see how affordable solar energy has become.


Through our program and partnership with one of the leading solar companies in the United States, it is as simple as:

  • Free installation
  • Included maintenance at no additional cost for the life of your contract. That includes any necessary repairs or replacements. (Which, you should know, are not a common occurrence: Today’s solar systems are designed to withstand extremes of wind and weather)
  • Locked-in low rates that can be significantly less than you pay your utility now
  • No paperwork: All permitting and arrangements with your utility will be handled for you

And with a completely FREE evaluation of the property, there is nothing to lose. Everything will be handled initially by phone and email, and only once you decide solar is the right choice will an engineer visit your home for an on site assessment and installation plan.

The truth is, going solar may be one of the smartest things you can do as a homeowner because it can increase your home’s resale value. And as utility prices go up, your savings grow.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by converting much of your power generation to green, clean, solar energy. Take just 30 seconds to request your no-risk consultation and you could be on your way to savings in your pocket, while making a huge difference on our environment. Currently available in limited markets, but quickly expanding, so if we are not in your market yet, check back soon.

For more information on Solar Power or how to save money over your current utility visit us at:

Want more information about how you can increase your income from solar?

Solar Opportunity

Google’s Project Sunroof-Is Solar Right

The emphasis being placed on  renewable energy in the world today has energized Google to help homeowners see the benefit of “going Solar”.  The new site called Project Sunroof will help you determine if Solar Power is right for you.

From the article: “Project Sunroof calculates how much sun hits your roof, the angle of your roof and sun-blocking obstructions such as trees and chimneys.

Project Sunroof also calculates how many panels you might need to save on your electric bill and throws in the solar incentives in your area. Use the slider tool to enter your typical electric bill amount to further customize the results. ” (Read the rest of article : )

The current coverage of the site is very small; only a handful of cities Nationwide. But you don’t have to wait for the site to expand before finding out how much solar can reduce that burdening electric bill.

Get more information now-No cost or obligation.

and be sure to read how you can become a solar rewards partner and earn $300 for every referral who chooses solar! Help the planet while helping your wallet grow!


5 Great Ways to share your garden surplus!

As avid gardeners we have always had a little extra food to share with neighbors. But since we extended our grow season to 12 months with the addition of a greenhouse filled with aquaponics, we have an abundance of extra. Here are some great ideas for those in the same boat.

Want to learn more about extending your grow with aquaponics:

Aquaponics Basics

Walking Softer w/Cheyenne Christine


So you do or have grown your own fruit/veggies? Perhaps you stopped because you hated to see all that good stuff going to waste? Do you have a tinge of sadness every time you harvest? Perhaps, you look at your garden & think “holy crow, what am I going to do with ALL of that?!”. Well never fear, I have 3 great ideas that you can put to good use immediately!

First Option –

Do you know a family that’s doing it rough at the moment? Or perhaps they are always tight? BRING IT TO THEM! Not a truckload mind you, they can only use a certain amount too lol. I suggest for most people, don’t ask them. That’s right I said do not ask them. WHY? Well, most ppl, myself included, are too embarrassed to say yes. We also don’t want to “put other’s out” or be a…

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Who Inspired You? A Story Of Inspiration – And A Big Thank You!

One of my favorite blogs for living a simpler, more self-reliant life.

Old World Garden Farms

There has been someone, somewhere, for all of us, who made a difference in our life. Maybe it was teaching us to garden, or how to cook or can – perhaps it was to play a sport, an instrument, sing, dance, paint or write. Maybe it was to reach for a goal, become a better person – or to simply not give up and to keep trying.

There is no doubt my love of gardening comes straight from my parents There is no doubt my love of gardening comes straight from my parents

Over the past week, we have had so many who have pledged to our book project make one simple request – to place the name of a mom, dad, aunt, uncle or friend in place of theirs in the credits of the book – simply because he or she loved to garden, taught them how to cook – or in some way, shape or form was an inspiration in their lives.

The answer, with…

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Organically speaking-2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,400 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 23 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Storage Lockers-Is there really money to be made?

The last few years have grown a proliferation of television showsStorage Locker showing “average” people making loads of money from buying abandoned or foreclosed storage lockers. It must be true since it is considered “Reality TV”, right?

Reality TV sent thousands to storage locker auctions nationwide to make what was considered “Easy Money”. Spending nearly a decade in the business, I can attest there is money to be made, but:

1) It is not easy-simple yes-but not easy

2) The larger crowds at auctions sent prices paid for lockers sky-high, reducing the profitability of everyone involved.

After the scandal surrounding Dave “Yup” Hester, from Storage Wars on A&E  the viewership of such shows declined some, but more so the attendance at auctions-at least locally-has declined. The decline in attendance has opened opportunity for those who have persevered to increase profits through paying lower prices for units.

Working storage locker auctions, through trial and error, we have learned the way to maximize our profits. This is easily done through smarter purchases and an increased network of buyers for individual or specialized products.

But that is only part of the story, as stated above, the work is not easy. There is a multitude of things to consider before pursuing a start-up business in storage locker auctions.

First do you have a little start-up capital?  Do you have a little money saved back for operating expenses until you start turning inventory? How much do you need to start? How quickly will you be able to turn product to get your money back-hopefully with profit to do more?

Before bidding on any locker, you should determine if you can handle large items like furniture, appliances, or should you stick with “Box lots”? This will be important to your bidding and could eliminate many lockers from your consideration.

If you are fine on money-even just a few hundred dollars-Do you have a way to haul the items from the locker and get it cleaned out? A truck? The manpower? Most facilities require you to be done in 24-48 hours-no matter what the weather is. If it storms for two days, you are still responsible to have that space empty. If not you could face a fine from the facility or worse be banned from future auctions!

Ok, so you have a truck and help to get the items hauled and the space clean, but where are you hauling to? Do you have space somewhere to go through everything, inventory, clean, repair if needed, and prepare for sales? This can be a garage, carport, shed, wherever you can store items to be processed for sale.

Then HOW are you going to sell items: storefront, flea-market, yard sales, online? Where can you generate the highest price in the least amount of time? What are you comfortable with-do you prefer selling face-to-face or would you prefer never meeting your buyer?

StorageFullWhat about the “trash” in the locker: paper, cardboard, non-repairable items? Do you have a way to dispose of the trash? Will there be a cost involved at your local dump? Do you have access to a dumpster or could get one where you store your items? I might add here that the dumpster’s at the storage facilities are off-limits-again you could be fined or banned from future auctions. You must haul everything out of the locker and off the facility property!

If you have been considering going to a storage facility auction but are a little apprehensive, that is good. Don’t plunge into something with little knowledge, become more professional by learning all you can. The “Pro’s” will do their best to intimidate you into quitting, before you really get started. But walking into your first and subsequent auctions with confidence will help keep them at bay.

Gaining confidence comes from knowledge. Knowledge is increased through studying the right materials, and the right materials come from someone who has already walked the path on which you are about to start.

I have seen many new people at storage locker auctions, but the majority disappear after 2 or 3 purchases because they were not properly prepared for starting their business. Don’t make that mistake and become a quitter statistic after just a few auctions.

I have prepared a 32 page report outlining the business and best practices for being successful in the storage locker auction business. This report takes the questions above and goes in-depth as to how to prepare yourself for an auction-going to the auction-how to bid-strategies on becoming the winning bid-how/where to sell-tracking your purchases and sales for profitability and more!

Ten years worth of experience and teaching others to be successful in this business packed into these pages. There is not a lot of “fluff”, it is information you need to be successful with stories from our personal experience as to why we do things the way we do. This report will help you to get organized to start and run a successful business with storage locker auction’s.

If you want to start a business that can be successful quickly (if it’s done right!) I urge you to take just a minute to read about my report and how you can get your copy within minutes. Just click the link below to read more:

Storage Locker Treasure Hunt

You will see that this report is essential to starting your new business venture on the right foot, take just a minute to read more about it at:

Storage Locker Treasure Hunt

You will see how invaluable this information is to anyone who wants to be successful with storage locker auctions.





Opportunity in Energy Today

Who do you know who uses energy?

Today is the perfect day to take advantage of a powerful opportunity. As an Associate, you can build a simple and rewarding business by helping all the people in your life choose affordable green energy.

As you sign up customers and build a team that does the same, you can create a residual income that makes a real difference in your life and the lives of others.

We’ve created an award-winning business, an industry-leading compensation plan and unparalleled tools and support. Plus, we have a community of successful and inspiring leaders ready to help you reach your business goals.

How much can you earn?

Your income potential is virtually unlimited. When you become a Associate, you’ll get paid for every customer you sign up for every month that person remains a customer. You’ll get paid even more when those you sponsor to become Associates sign up customers in their organizations. As you build your business and expand your reach, your compensation will grow as you advance through the leadership ranks.

Income Video

You have the opportunity to forge a future where you are in control of your success and your income potential, as part of a company that is actively working to make a difference, both in the lives of people involved as well as the world around us.

If  you have further questions, would like more information, or would like to discuss your future in the energy business, just fill out the quick form below:

I will personally respond to your request within 24 hours, by email or phone.