The Art of BEEing: picky eaters

Bees will always keep you guessing, but it is good they always know what they want/need!


Given the lack of “natural” forage in the desert since the end of the spring wildflower bloom (aside from a very brief rebloom after a surprise inch of rain fell in early autumn), I’ve been having to feed since early summer. For the first part of the summer 1:1 sugar water was the magic mix, then when the main heat of the season broke they abruptly stopped accepting it, which I figured was probably due to them having found the flowers in my neighbors’ irrigated gardens that had come out of heat-induced dormancy, so to help reduce the number of ants which were drawn to the sugar in the hive I pulled the feeder and the bees seemed to get on fine. With the onset of what passes for winter in the high desert (short overnight dips to as low as 20 F, highs in the 50’s – 60’s) I…

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