6 new additions to the family

There has been much debate in our household about adding to our flock. Needless to say….I lost!

So now we have acquired 6 new Cornish Bard hens to add to our existing family of 10 hens & a rooster. Difference being that these are not egg produces but fast growing hens for meat production.

The debate is whether after 10 weeks of feeding and caring for these hens that I can bring myself to butcher them for Sunday dinner.  These are 4 days old currently.

20160411_085743 20160411_085804

Oh well, I guess now it is just wait and see.

4 thoughts on “6 new additions to the family”

  1. That is a road I have yet to cross. You see, I have a seemingly limitless supply of tiny little nooks in my heart. All critters gave a place to live in that thing.

    I don’t know if I can butcher something I spent so much time caring for. I do realize that animal husbandry has no room for this pacifist sentiment. But still, I feel you’re indecision and trepidation as if it were my own.

    Plus, they’re totes adorbs! Little peepers.

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    1. I am a hunter, so the thought of gaining sustenance from one of God’s creatures is something that I can do but the difference being I did not feed and care for the deer even 5 minutes before making it part of the family meal. I tend to grow close to my pets, whether dog, cats, or chickens but chickens are usually among my favorite of pets. Even in our aquaponics system, I have my neighbor remove and process the tilapia fish for our fish fry’s every few months. I gain a lot of enjoyment from watching the fish as I feed them daily.

      Oh well I have approximately 10 weeks to make my decision or maybe to ask my neighbor for another favor. Thanks for stopping by James.

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      1. I completely relate to your sentiment. It just means you have heart. In hindsight, I kinda wish I was in a 4H club as a kid so I could get over this hump a little easier.

        I did have to dispatch of a rooster two years ago. Couldn’t be helped. It still makes me sad to this day. Pathetic animal husbandry, but here we are.

        I’m currently playing nurse to my silkie Piper. My best friends puppy got to her on Sunday and there was a lot of biting going on. She’s in isolation or ICU in the spare room and is doing fine thank god!

        I guess in the end, I’m more of a healer and nurturer than a butcher.


      2. We have had to nurse a few chickens as well. We also had to bottle feed a few rabbits when the mother died. Could not bring myself to dispatch the rabbits at all. Ended up selling them to families as pets. Yes I asked a lot of questions of the families to make sure they were not going to end as the entrée!
        If it were the apocalypse and we had to eat, my feelings would change, but for now I will stick with my over-abundance of pets!

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