Spring work at the suburban homestead

We  had a small streak of nice days: 60 degrees + with little rain. It gave me a good chance to get out and start taking care of the spring cleanup and get ready for planting.

I have had a huge truckload of wood chips sitting in my backyard since fall, so I was very happy to start moving it around to the different areas that I use it for each year. A friend of mine that owns a tree service is happy to donate his chips to me whenever I want them-free of charge.

So I started around the raised beds in the garden. Making good places to walk which will keep the weed growth down in between the boxes.

20160410_092722 20160410_092735 20160410_092742 20160410_092748
















Once the garden paths were complete, it was on to the permaculture in our front yard, as well as surrounding all of our fruit trees.

20160331_131515 20160331_131528








20160331_131531 20160331_131537 20160401_123047 20160401_123050

















Everything is really starting to take shape, Unfortunately, some cold weather has returned and other projects have gotten my attention. We are supposed to be back in the 60’s next week, so I will probably return to planning/prepping outside then.

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