Solar power in the suburbs

Well. we finally got our solar installation done and I could not be happier. It, unfortunately is not an off grid system, but I am at least making in difference in my energy is generated. There was no way at the present we could afford an off grid system, but with the benefits of this system it just seemed like the right step.

Instead of showing a lot of pictures of the installation, I did a Vimeo video, (click on picture) which I thought might be a little more interesting. Solar is now much easier and more affordable than it has ever been and with even the utilities moving more toward solar and wind power, it just made sense to take a look now.



We did not have to pay a dime for the installation, nor do we have to pay for any maintenance or upkeep for the next 20 years! Not to mention the savings over paying all that money to the utility.

Want more information on going solar:


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