Ceiling to floor, getting closer

The bathroom remodel has taken much more time to transpire than I originally expected. Of course, I was not expecting a major storm to throw us behind another week. We are currently 4 weeks behind my projection for completion. Oh well, I am not a contractor and this is my personal residence so I can only be upset with myself. That is one of the biggest problems with D.I.Y., no one to blame or yell at. My wife told me at looked pretty silly having an argument with myself.

Anyway we did complete the floor. It is 18X18 tiles of durastone which are actually vinyl, but they look very nice and were actually cheaper and easier to lay than 1 piece vinyl. They are almost a 1/4″ thick, solid, yet spongy, which makes them very nice to walk on.

Needless to say I have never laid this type floor, so it was a learning experience. I was most impressed with the special glue used to lay them. It takes a very, very thin layer (the gallon actually comes with a special trowel adapter), then it is allowed to almost completely dry. The product goes on a light blue color, then in about 30-45 minutes it turns to clear. Once clear, the tile can be laid in place.  I will say, you must lay the tile EXACTLY where you want it on the glue, because it is not moving once put down!



20160106_174349 20160104_114635 20160103_173718










I had never removed the toilet prior to laying the floor. At my age it is almost impossible not to have a toilet on the main floor! So I had prepared as much as I could before pulling it. While it was out, I did have to replace the flooring beneath from 40-50 years worth of leaks and rot. I also had to move the plumbing because it was positioned crooked and too close to the wall, once the new wall was installed.

Overall it turned out very good and did not have to cure at all before continuing to work on the room. As the salesman told me with the special glue, I could have a dance on the floor immediately after laying and those tiles will not move. Believe me, we was right!

Now that the floor was done, I was able to finish the rest of the walls, finish out the coat closet and install the closet and bathroom doors. This was really only about 2 days work, but it really made the bath look almost finished, even with the amount of trim work that needs done.

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We are getting there. I would like my next post to show the finished product, but am doubtful. The crown moulding needs installed and that is one job I can never get right, so I have a contractor friend that is going to do it for me. Working it into his schedule may be a nightmare, especially with him also being behind because of Blizzard Jonas.

Until next time……





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