Moving forward, building up and out

Gutted bathDemo of the bathroom went well and once I got everything torn out it was easy to see that I could extend to the original 9′ ceilings and extend the floor plan another 4′ out. This might work out better than what I was expecting.

Of course we are dealing with a house above 90 years old, so I have learned through the past updates of the house that problems arise all through the process. We thoroughly insulated ceiling and outside wall, even though the outsideInsulation FirstDLnewphone 196 wall is shared with my greenhouse.

We (by that, of course, I mean she) decided that the look (we) wanted was a variation of bead board, which would be painted with the perfect shade of white. As a side, does anyone realize how many shades of white are out there? I was amazed at the amount of research it took to get just exactly the right shade of white!

Removing wiring, outlets, switches and all plumbing was pretty easy. The harder part was determining with a blank canvas where I exactly wanted to install all the new. We also had to make some changes from the breaker box since whoever previously wired this room had the lights and outlets on with several in the kitchen too. To me, there was just too much on one breaker.

After getting the lights, fan, and switches installed we began to layout the ceiling.  We decided the wood at1215 068 1215 069 1215 070 an angle made for a unique and interesting look. Also moving the ceiling back to the original 9′ aesthetically added much more appeal, as well as making the small room look much bigger.

Then came the drywall around the tub so we could set the tub in and frame around it, thus being able to also see how the new plumbing was going to have to be run. It took several times of moving the tub in and out to get all the measurements and markings to make sure we had the drywall and plumbing installed properly. But it finally all worked and I could start laying out the new wood walls.

1220 205 1220 206 1230 211

This went well considering how out of square the room actually was. But we made it work. Now we found we had to make some new decisions. 1st the heat duct came into the room halfway under where the tub was so this had to be moved.

1230 206 1230 209Then second, we needed to make a decision on what to do with the exposed chimney. Originally I was hoping it would have been brick, I love exposed brick, but it was not. So I thought maybe we could stucco it and still leave it exposed. I have never done this, so once done I did20160105_083920 not like the way it looked. Also it was not sticking well to the chimney. After a short discussion, it was decided to go ahead and just cover it like the rest of the room.

Most of this work took place over several weeks, as we were doing this in the middle of hunting season. I was gone most weekends to the cabin and then one week I was sick, but I still feel good about what we got accomplished.

Just as a side note: I fixed the first deer roast last night for dinner and it was really good. A little dry for me, but I cooked it too fast. I should have put it on low in the crock pot all night, but oh well, everyone still enjoyed it!

Until next time, when we start to lay out the floor……




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