Wishing for a greener 2016!


As we have just stepped into 2016, here is a quick review of how things went for our little roof top farm (greens.farm) in 2015 and what is in the pipeline for 2016.

We entered into 2015 with the objective of starting two or three small organic farming projects, that will reduce our dependency on commercially farmed vegetables, and to share our experiments through social media in an effort to encourage those around us to practice a greener lifestyle.

When I look back into 2015, I think we achieved only 25% or less of what we hoped for, but we are very very happy that we never lost our passion and kept moving through some of the tougher times and busy schedule. Even more importantly, we stay resolved to continue this journey through 2016 with bigger but practical goals.

In 2015, we experimented quite a bit on aquaponics and now…

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4 thoughts on “Wishing for a greener 2016!”

    1. I admit this life is not for everyone, but since I retired in 2012, I find it is a perfect lifestyle. It allows me to stay busy-sometimes a little too busy-and make a difference for my family and community. “City Slickers” just don’t understand the concept, but it is because of people who do want to live close to the land that they get to eat everyday.

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  1. A friend of mine from Canada was an eco-village designer. He has a few of them built in Canada. His designs and ideas were awesome and I would like to see them expanded here in the U.S, but as of yet it has not happened much to my knowledge. Best of luck to you and your endeavors.


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