Growing well

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Well, I had a major panic over the weekend when my ammonia levels reached a ridiculous high, so I rushed out and got Interpet Ammonia Remover. I had to use two lots, according to the instructions, over a 4 hour period, to bring my ammonia down, and then wait 24 hours before re-seeding with Tetra SafeStart. I couldn’t find a scrap of information on the internet about how the ammonia remover worked, because unlike AmmoLock and others I found mentioned a lot, it stops the ammonia showing up on tests, so it doesn’t just change it into a less toxic form, it seems to actually remove it. However, this could therefore damage my nice bacteria, so I needed to replace them, just in case. So fingers crossed this has worked!

My plants are doing great!


They’re growing really well! I also put in the seeds that had been germinating…

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