Must destroy to build anew……

It has been a long time coming! We bought our 90 year old house in 2005, with every intention of completing its restoration room by room. It has been a slow process, as we completed the two upstairs bedrooms and the upstairs bathroom a few years ago, but we finally started the process on the downstairs (main) bathroom.

The original bathroom was very small: 6’X7′. About the same size as you would find in most 2 bedroom apartments, not a 5 bedroom house. But it was a starting point.

Deciding how far to go came first. The little woman and I had a few discussions. She wanted to just do a “makeover” of the bath, while I was more of “I am not ripping this out twice” kind of guy. So the room got gutted, along with part of our laundry room, which would allow us to expand the bath to 11′ X 7.5′.

Of course when doing rehabs, you have to demolish what is there to begin with a clean pallet.  Although we did not have concrete plans as to what we wanted, we did come to consensus on a few things.

She wanted either a rustic or shabby chic look, to which I agreed on either. She also wanted a large Garden tub-not a Jacuzzi, but a large garden soaking tub. Ok I could agree to this but I still had to have a shower. So this was pretty much the premise of where we started.

Here are some of the beginning shots of tear out (sorry forgot to take pictures of the before bath). I will post more on the remodel later.

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We will have more posts on our progress-Stay Tuned!

Moving forward, Building up and out

Ceiling to floor, getting closer




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