Cutting Back for winter

My last few posts have demonstrated how chaotic this last year has been, but especially since harvest season. (Two months… , Beginning Winter Aquaponics) I tend to also do pruning of my fruit trees and arbor in late fall, early winter, but with the weather maintaining in the 60’s and 70’s through Christmas, I had to wait a little longer.

There are many that say to prune in the spring, others in the winter, but I am a fall pruner. It seems to work out well for me and my timeline, but usually show good results the next grow season.

We have apples, pears, peaches, persimmons, and a huge grape arbor, so there is a lot to be pruned and prepped for next season. I have now been able to get most of it done but still need to cut back on my arbor a lot more. I should have time in the next few days to finish it up. Probably not tomorrow, with a high predicted of 26, but it is suppose to be back around 40 by Thursday.

Forgot to mention the loofa’s also. We got almost 3 dozen from 1 plant. This was a first for us, but I think we will do them again.

1215 255 1215 256 1215 257 1215 258 1215 259 1215 260 1215 261 1215 262 1215 263 1215 264 1215 273 1215 274 1215 275 1215 276 1215 277

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