Google’s Project Sunroof-Is Solar Right

The emphasis being placed on  renewable energy in the world today has energized Google to help homeowners see the benefit of “going Solar”.  The new site called Project Sunroof will help you determine if Solar Power is right for you.

From the article: “Project Sunroof calculates how much sun hits your roof, the angle of your roof and sun-blocking obstructions such as trees and chimneys.

Project Sunroof also calculates how many panels you might need to save on your electric bill and throws in the solar incentives in your area. Use the slider tool to enter your typical electric bill amount to further customize the results. ” (Read the rest of article : )

The current coverage of the site is very small; only a handful of cities Nationwide. But you don’t have to wait for the site to expand before finding out how much solar can reduce that burdening electric bill.

Get more information now-No cost or obligation.

and be sure to read how you can become a solar rewards partner and earn $300 for every referral who chooses solar! Help the planet while helping your wallet grow!


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