Cherry tomatoes all year long

When I was in the greenhouse today cleaning out the filters on the aquaponics tanks, I realized that my 1 cherry tomato plant has taken over both of the grow beds.

I planted 1(one) cherry tomato plant in January of 2015 and it is grown phenomenally. Not only has it grown, but it still flowers and produces great red cherry tomatoes. I am so happy that we decided to move forward with the greenhouse so I can extend my grow season and my aquaponics adventure!

Let me emphasize this is one plant that has taken over more than  a 4′ X 8′ section of the greenhouse-yet still producing after 8 months! I wonder if I can keep growing it as “permaculture”?

0812 010 0812 011 0812 012 0812 013 0812 014

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