Camp Opportunity 2015

Most people look forward to a few weeks of annual vacation. But working from home I am afforded opportunities to pick and choose when and where I want to take time off. The highlight of my year, although many may call it a vacation, is volunteering a week at camp for neglected, abused, and wayward children. Camp Opportunity 2015, not unlike the last 30 years, takes children, at no cost to the family on the recommendation of county and state mental health professionals. Unfortunately, there are far more recommended for the program that we can handle or afford to take, but for the 30-40 children we do take and the many volunteer counselors it is an unforgettable week. My neighbor, my brother-in-law, and I take a small group of children each day to the lake on the camp property and teach them to fish. Most of the campers along with many of the counselors, which number one to one with campers, have never fished. I was surprised at the opportunity to also teach many of the campers where some of their food actually comes from.

Campers at lunch in the mess hall
Campers at lunch in the mess hall

Spending the week in the woods is for many campers the only time they are out of the urban atmosphere. Seeing the smiles and answering questions from inquisitive minds, if only for a week, gives me hope: hope that these children can grow to change the urban environment. I thoroughly enjoy my week helping in any way I can, but there is a need to expand the program to include more children or even add another week for more campers. Needless to say this takes a lot of money and a lot of volunteers. Please watch the video from fishing at camp this year, then follow the link after to see how much more these children learn while at camp. While there maybe you could even donate a few dollars or volunteer for our next Camp Opportunity.

Camp Opportunity 2015 from Stephen Luckett on Vimeo.

Please visit the link below to see how much this camp helps our children. If you can spare just a few dollars or want to volunteer, you can do that right on the site.

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