Excited about this harvest season already

Took a walk yesterday around our little suburban fifth acre. It was extremely hot and humid, so did not dawdle much, but I did get to survey our season so far.

garden 008 garden 009

The front permaculture garden (more of a food forest) is doing well in the front yard. We utilize most of this greenery to feed the chickens daily and they seem to love the fresh greens everyday.

garden 014 garden 015

The fruit trees are 2-4 years old and they are beginning this year to bear some nice fruit. I look forward to the fresh pears, apples, and peaches.

garden 011 garden 010

Oh, the grapes. I am amazed at the amount of growth and fruiting that my grape vines are giving. This is the third year on the grape arbor and I think they are taking to it well.

garden 007 garden 006 garden 005 garden 004A friend of mine built and gave me two grow barrels which I really like. In a two foot by 2 foot area I can grow up to 35 plants. I have grown strawberries, green beans, tomatoes, and peppers very successfully in these.

For the first time since I can remember, this year we ran out of canned green beans before this years crop came in. So I added several more areas for pole beans this year, along with the bush beans in the grow barrel. I hate running out of any vegetables that we regularly eat.

garden 012 garden 013 garden 016




This coming harvest should be an awesome time!

3 thoughts on “Excited about this harvest season already”

  1. I loved seeing pictures of your gardens. I moved and had to start all over again With the excessive rains and cooler temperatures my gardens aren’t doing real well. I also planted a peach tree and hope to have a few peaches to pick in about two years time.


    1. We have been here 10 years, so it is always a work in progress. Our normal rainfall in the region is about 44″ a year, but last month we had 20″, so we are dealing with excessive rains as well. At least this year my water bill is 1/4 what it normally is this time of year. Good luck on your new home and thanks for stopping by.


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