Aquaponics Class Follow-up

Our last class on June 20th went well even though we had a few minor glitches.

First I need to check my emails better to make sure that when I send something, it actually goes! I found that no one had received the pre-class email with follow-up dates, time, location, and other pre-class information. For some reason, which I am sure was operator error, the email ended up in my “drafts” folder.

For that reason, some of the preliminary information that I send so I don’t have to spend as much class time on a subject, did not go. This meant more time in class covering subjects in more detail.

Another issue was a change in class time, because of potential weather, so a couple of participants showed at the original start time versus the new time. These issues made for a very interesting and long aquaponics basics class, but at least everyone got a lot of time to thoroughly understand the subject matter.

The aquaponic system building class went much more smoothly and everyone was able to properly build the system. With the class being very hands-on and pretty much one on one instruction, (Thanks so much to my two assistants for the day, Rob & Chris!) We were able to get the entire class done in about 2-2 1/2 hours.

We will not be having any aquaponics classes through the summer, but will probably set another round in September. Until then, here are a few pictures from the system class.

IMG_0402 IMG_0616 IMG_1388 IMG_1806 IMG_1870 IMG_2191 IMG_2510 IMG_4138 IMG_5167 IMG_6733 IMG_8504 IMG_9518

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