Chicken Update-Roo in the Henhouse

Well, we thought through markings on one of our hens that it may be a Roo, so we were finally proven right!

0607 076 0607 077 0607 080

I had to go over to the coop to reinstall the faceplate on our auto door which we just got back from the company. Wasn’t really expecting to spend much time there, but while I was there, the suspected roo crowed about 6 times. Long, loud crows!

Not only is he loud, he is very anxious to let the hens know he is there. He goes from hen to hen with little break in between.

He had never made a peep that we had heard until that day and now he won’t shut up. As you may know, our coop and chickens are on a friends property about a mile from our house. His property is legal and a roo is no big deal legally, but we don’t want to cause issues with our friends.

We have another friend that bought 4 of our birds and we will see if she wants to take the roo, If not, then I will have a roo available if anyone is interested!

NOTE: We are still fighting to get our girls on our own property. If you live around Baltimore County, I invite you to read the story and join us!

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