Where does your lettuce come from?

Great informative article on hydroponic farming. Especially intrigued that production is 20 times that of traditional farming. Aquaponics, I believe, has the same ability, with the addition of being able to farm fish at the same time.

Search for a Greener Life

As sustainability enthusiasts and professionals, we are constantly bombarded with dire statistics and news. Good stories and news are sometimes far apart and well spaced. Therefore it is with a lot of excitement and happiness I share these two excellent pieces on the future of agriculture, our food systems in general and urban agriculture in particular.

The two exemplary farms are Gotham Greens; a hydroponic venture and the other is AeroFarms. The best part about both these farms are they are viable for-profit businesses!

I know a lot more about Gotham Greens as I was lucky enough to visit their Gowanus facility which resides on the top of Whole Foods Market, a US based organic food grocery chain. Also, a few years ago, as part of my Masters of Science Program, we had the founder Viraj Puri come to my University campus and give an introduction to his company.

Here’s what…

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