Water Waster! Water Waster!

I believe this fits well with my last post on water conservation and the planet.

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Beach Bunk Diaries

When I was growing up, my older sister and I would relentlessly tease my younger brother about wasting water.  He would let the faucet run while brushing his teeth or while doing the dishes or would take long showers.  And we were probably harsh about it.

Now, I guess he can start chanting “water waster” at me.

spray_of_waterThe other day my family and I were out in the garden. I was harvesting lettuce (a huge batch!) and my husband was feeding the fish and topping off the sump tank.

And then we went inside.  Without turning off the hose.  I didn’t notice the flooding…all…day…long.

22 hours after we were in the garden last I noticed out the window that the pump wasn’t running. Upon investigation I realized our grave error.  The pump cord had been sitting in water and eventually shorted out. Luckily it had just tripped a breaker and we were able…

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One thought on “Water Waster! Water Waster!”

  1. Oh my, what a nightmare scenario! I’ve had a completely brainless moment when I left my micro-irrigation on over night. I could’ve kicked myself! What a fool I was. Just writing this makes me angry all over again. I feel for these people.


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