New Chicken Coop-Auto Chicken Door

I wrote a few weeks back about our new coop we had to build at a friends property due to outdated Baltimore County zoning regulations. I was really happy with the coop and how it turned out, considering it was built from free pallets off of craigslist. The only issue is that the coop being about 1 mile from us, meant having to make the trek every day to let them out and put them to bed. Enter: CoopTender Automatic Door.

We received the new door a few weeks ago and it took me almost 2 weeks just to get the time to go over and do the install. The install was actually very easy, just framing it in and using 4 screws to bolt it to the frame.

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I was pretty excited as it is a solar operated with battery backup. It can be programmed to open/close at dawn/dusk +/- X minutes or set to specific times which I really like. It also has the ability to be set to freezing temperatures outside so it won’t open if its to cold for the girls to be out. Once installed I programmed everything and it operated beautifully with the exception of the wifi.

Being out in the sticks there is NO wifi signal any where in the area that I could piggyback off of to get it loaded to the internet. Even tried setting a “hotspot” on my phone, but it would not download. Oh, well, I will worry about that later.

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For the moment, I was happy, no more having to rush over or worrying about being there by a specific time at night to close them in the safe and secure confines of the coop. But things are never easy are they?

The 3rd night after install, we had a huge influx of storm systems, one right after the other for 3 days straight. During the first night of storms, something went haywire and the door lost all the programming I had input.

When I tried to reprogram, the keypad would lock up and not allow me into the programming menu. I checked the book, then got on instant chat with the manufacture in Pennsylvania.

I will say that the manufacturer was very kind and helpful, but to no avail. I had to remove the faceplate with all the electronics and ship it back to have it tested and repaired. They won’t even receive it until tomorrow (Tuesday) so I won’t have it back until probably sometime next week.

I am still very impressed with the quality and operation of the door, as well as the quick response and helpful suggestions from customer service. I truly hope they are able to find the issue and repair or replace the faceplate. I am so looking forward to not having to run over at specific times to deal with them.

5 thoughts on “New Chicken Coop-Auto Chicken Door”

  1. The future is now! That’ crazy. I’ve heard of automatic doors that count the chickens coming and going so when the last bird is in at night the doors close automatically. Ever heard of these?

    It’s too bad that it fried out before you could really get used to it. How expensive was it? I may just hire a miniature man servant to live in the run and open and close the door. Perhaps in a little doorman outfit and a curly mustache. He too will be solar powered.


    1. I have never seen the doors that count birds and I looked at a lot of different concepts. Normally, I would just figure out a way to build it myself, but with so much going on right now, I thought I would just buy this instead of spending the hours “experimenting”. The fully loaded door was about $400 with shipping, so kind of expensive, but when I add my time for concept, design, and build with all I wanted from it, it was well worth every penny.
      I like the doorman concept, but with all the people, animals, and fish I already have to feed…….
      Thanks for stopping by.

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