Our first class went well….on to the next

We lived through our inaugural class on Aquaponic Gardening! I am so thrilled with the outcome and feedback we received for the 1/2 day session. With the fast growing aquaponics field and being the only person in Baltimore County to offer this type of education, we are gaining a lot a popularity.

IMG_0582 IMG_0583 IMG_0580




Starting with a quick tour of the greenhouse and gardens, a few questions and chit-chat, then on to our days fun.

Since the class size must be kept small, due to limited space, the atmosphere is one of true learning. The intimacy of the small group and small space allows for a lot of interaction among all those participating. We even through in a little about our bees, chickens, rabbits, and permaculture garden’s.

class0509 002 class0509 001

The Aquaponic Basics Class was an information packed 2 1/2 hours, with lots of opportunities for questions, discussions, and a few fun door prize giveaways! No one left the class without some freebies above everything given as part of the class!

class0509 004 class0509 003 class0509 005

Ending the basics course, we moved to the Aquaponic Tank Building session of the day. Although most of the parts are precut, we spent the afternoon finishing out and customizing the tanks to fit the needs of those involved.

I might add that we are building the ONLY SYSTEM that is easily convertible between a fill & drain or constant height system. So each individual being able to make small custom adjustments to feed their needs was a hit for the day.

class0509 007

Along with a few snacks and drinks provided, this intimate setting again offered the opportunity for lots a Q & A. Everyone in attendance had a great opportunity to gain a full understanding of how the systems operate, along with maintenance and troubleshooting.

Everyone in attendance was thrilled with the amount of knowledge they gained while spending their Saturday in a fun atmosphere. I received feedback from everyone that they were extremely happy with the class overall and felt they received FAR MORE than the cost paid for the class.

With the feedback and some small glitches, I am looking forward to making out next class even better! Keeping the class small, I already have some overflow that could not attend the first class which will be attending the next. So I am sure this class will fill quickly!



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