Neighbors Helping Neighbors-Emergency Preparedness

Emergency responseSorry for the late notice but wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming Neighbors Helping Neighbors Emergency Preparedness Class.

It will be 4 Thursdays from 7-9pm starting Thursday April 30, 2015 through Thursday May28 at Dundalk Fire Station #6 2815 Sollers Point Rd. 21222

Session Topics

Natural Disasters and Technological Hazards
This session focuses on the natural and technological hazards most likely to threaten this area.
•Past disasters in Maryland
•Preparation of a 72-hour emergency kit
•Preparation and maintenance of a family emergency plan
•How to assist people with disabilities during an emergency
•What to do before, during and after a disaster

Fire Safety and Extinguishers
This session focuses on fire prevention and extinguishing strategies.
•Types of fires and how they occur
•Potential fire hazards in the home and workplace
•Evaluation of fires and assessment of firefighting resources
•Operation of different types of extinguishers
•How to decide whether to attempt to extinguish a fire and how to do so safely

Crime Prevention and Awareness
This session focuses on how to identify and protect yourself against potential crime threats.
•Personal safety techniques
•Steps to protect homes against break-ins
•Recognition of suspicious activity and how to report it to 911
•Learn about “Citizens On Patrol” and how to implement this program in your community
•Identification of possible terrorist targets

CPR and First Aid
This session focuses on patient assessment and how to administer first aid.
•Hands-on-only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
•Treatment of life-threatening conditions
•Treatment of burns, wounds and bleeding
•Treatment with splinting of fractures, sprains and strains
•Treatment of hypothermia and heat-related illness
•Simple triage

Building Resilient Communities
This session covers ways in which communities can prepare for, mitigate and withstand long-term incidents

Hope to see many of my neighbors there.
Get more information and register at:

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