Beyond Eggs and the Roasting Pan-Chicken

There are so many benefits to owning chickens that go far beyond the egg and the roasting pot! I wish we could get our local government board of Baltimore County to see the benefits far outweigh the usual diatribes of the ney sayers.

Here is an article from my friend at Abundant Permaculture that outlines 8 strategies for putting the flock to work.

“I am continually blown away by the working power of chickens on the homestead! They’re such great workers, I would keep them even if I couldn’t eat their eggs or meat. Plus, they reproduce themselves, unlike any man-made tool!

In this article, I’ll explain eight different ways you can put chickens to work. I’ll explain how you can use chickens to provide nitrogen for your compost pile, replace machine tillers, fertilize your garden, turn compost, spread mulch, dispose of your garbage, control pests, and improve the health of your orchard.”

Read the rest of the article here: Abundant Permaculture-8 Strategies

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