Retirement….Not what I thought!

I wrote the other day about my Love/Hate Relationship with Spring, which got me thinking about the last 3 years. The first 3 years of my retirement which have proven to be nothing like I expected.

My wife has about 5 more years before she leaves the work world, so I thought I would have a few years of playing golf and puttering around in the gardens. Little did I know how my interests would change and the amount of time I would be involved pursuing these new interests.

In the last 3 years, I have built a chicken coop, raised and lost 7 chickens (Thanks to the county), built a 10 X 20 greenhouse attached to our house, started building aquaponics systems and teaching aquaponics courses, added another 18 raised garden beds, turned my front yard into a “food forest” (permaculture), started raising rabbits, added 3 bee hives,  and now finishing our second chicken coop on a friends property who is allowed to keep chickens. (We now have 13 new hens which are still awaiting the completion of their permanent home.)

Truthfully having a garden has always been a thing. I enjoy getting out in the spring and summer working the gardens, watching them grow, and eating many fresh vegetables right from the vine. I actually grow snow peas strictly to snack on while I work outside!

Falling into aquaponics, expanding the scope of gardening to a year round project, has taken on a life of its own. I love this new hobby and have become excited about sharing the opportunity with other interested hobbyist’s.

Our new chicken coop is about done and I think it is turning out pretty good. Here are a few pictures but I will post more about it when its completed. We got more rain today and tomorrow, so hopefully finish on Wednesday.

0420 020 0420 021 0420 022 0420 023




I have played golf 3 times in the last 3 years and have been busier than I ever was when I “worked”. Needless to say retirement, although I am loving it, is nothing as I expected!


8 thoughts on “Retirement….Not what I thought!”

  1. My husband always said that being home is a vacation from work and work is a vacation from being at home. We always have so many projects going on, I don’t think we know what a real “vacation” is! Your coop looks amazing!


  2. Great coop! Very cool. You make me long for retirement. Not so much for the respite from work, but to do the work I truly want to do. I’ll be following suit… In about 30 years 😦


    1. It is worth it! I left the workforce at 54 and now I wish I would have years sooner, of course that was not financially possible. Hope you can join me sooner than you think. It is nice to still be able to have the energy to do it all.

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  3. Your coop looks wonderful!

    And you’re so right about retirement; it’s not what I expected, but 100 times better. At first it was very worrisome, wondering if we could really live on what we had. But I do t even give that a thought now. I look forward to every single day of life!


    1. Thanks, Dan. It was necessary to make a few lifestyle changes to be able to afford it, but nothing that too detrimental. Just took some determination a few years before to make sure that everything was paid off so we only had monthly expenses i.e. gas/electric, water, cable, insurance etc. It is so worth getting up everyday now to start a day of things I truly enjoy doing.

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