Back Yard Chickens ….DANGER

I love my chickens, but I never really thought about the dangers of owning a few hens for the backyard. I am so glad I saw this video, because it is so true!

The Dangers of Raising Backyard Chickens (That No One Talks About. One Girl’s Rant @ Eat Local Grown (Facebook)

12 thoughts on “Back Yard Chickens ….DANGER”

    1. Its my wife that is getting the “goat fever”. Locally we have to have a minimum of 3 acres to have a goat, which we are no where near. It takes an acre just to have chickens, which is why we had to build a coop on a friends property about a mile from our 1/5 acre. Thanks for stopping by

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      1. 3 acres! Wow. San Diego just loosened up on the laws a year ago or two. Goats and chickens are now allowed within my 7k square foot lot. 2 goats only though. Not 1 and not 3, but two. It’s like the Holy Hand grenade from Monty Python.

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    2. I am amazed that anywhere in a suburban area they would allow goats on 7K SF. I can see goats needing more space, but how did they come up with the exactly 2 concept?

      We are still debating with our county just to try and let us have a few chickens on our 8K SF lot. I may have to move to San Diego.

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      1. I believe the law states pigmy goats only. And my understanding is that you can’t have one because it’s cruel for such a social animal, and three are too many for small spaces. The laws used to be a lot more strict, but public demand helped change that. Thank goodness for that because the benefits I’m getting from my flock make me imagine how I got along before.


    1. Thats to bad. Racoons and Opossum’s are very ingenious, they always seem to find a way to get what they want. I know we have to completely surround our chicken run with 1/2″ hardware cloth, including digging it into the ground and the run floor. If not we would be losing the little girls too.


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