Aquaponics, It’s Time!

Great beginning article for the would be aquaponics enthusiast. Want to learn more:

Aquaponics Basics

My Green Blog

At My Green Mattress, we keep environmental conservation very close to heart.  It’s one of the many reasons that we source the best organic and natural materials for our products.  So, when we come across a way to promote healthy food and reduce environmental damage, we cannot wait to share it with you.

…and so, may I present, Aquaponics!  Aquaponics is perhaps the coolest agricultural invention to present itself, ummm, ever!  It is a closed-system of soil-less indoor (or outdoor if you’re in a warm climate) agriculture, and it’s a perfect solution for growing healthy food in nearly every community worldwide.  The system connects a fish tank and a plant system, and in this perfectly complimentary arrangement, the fish refuse is pumped into the plant growing medium, where it fertilizes the plants and the fresh water is then returned to the fish tank.  This system uses 90% less water than…

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