5 Great Ways to share your garden surplus!

As avid gardeners we have always had a little extra food to share with neighbors. But since we extended our grow season to 12 months with the addition of a greenhouse filled with aquaponics, we have an abundance of extra. Here are some great ideas for those in the same boat.

Want to learn more about extending your grow with aquaponics:

Aquaponics Basics

Walking Softer w/Cheyenne Christine


So you do or have grown your own fruit/veggies? Perhaps you stopped because you hated to see all that good stuff going to waste? Do you have a tinge of sadness every time you harvest? Perhaps, you look at your garden & think “holy crow, what am I going to do with ALL of that?!”. Well never fear, I have 3 great ideas that you can put to good use immediately!

First Option –

Do you know a family that’s doing it rough at the moment? Or perhaps they are always tight? BRING IT TO THEM! Not a truckload mind you, they can only use a certain amount too lol. I suggest for most people, don’t ask them. That’s right I said do not ask them. WHY? Well, most ppl, myself included, are too embarrassed to say yes. We also don’t want to “put other’s out” or be a…

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