Aquaponics vs. Hydroponics vs. Ecoponics

Search for a Greener Life

This is a short and mostly educative blog piece. The idea for the piece started based on a discussion I had at a sustainable networking event about the growth of aquaponics and hydroponics in our food system today. I realized I wasn’t clear about the difference between the two. Further, it’s such a growing area; it would be nice to learn what’s been happening in it recently. So here goes:

Before there was just a body of water, fish swimming in it and men fishing them manually. Life was good- for all parties involved.

Then came population growth around the world, sushi restaurants (again sprouting up everywhere), fish being recognized as a good source of protein…and before we knew it our fish sources were getting depleted and the days of large conglomerate industrial fishing had arrived and was slowly draining the fish stock in all the various water bodies.


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