Little do they know……..

During our normal Feeding Frenzy first thing the morning, our tilapia fish think it is just another day of eat and swim.

Morning Feeding 0223 073 0223 074




Little do they know that later today I will be moving the largest ones-3-4 pounder’s-to a clean tank. The clean tank is a holding area where the fish will stay for two to three days to clean out their systems. They will not be fed during this time, so all waste will be eliminated.

On the third day, they will be removed from the clean tank for processing. Needless to say they will be the guest’s of honor for dinner Friday night.

Lettuce, tomatoes, & cucumber
Lettuce, tomatoes, & cucumber
Aquaponics growth-tomatoes
Aquaponics growth-tomatoes
Fresh Tilapia






Along with the fish will be fresh salad greens: spinach, arugula, and mescaline, topped with sweet cherry tomatoes. With the exception of the vegetable, which will be from our garden from last season canning, everything will be from our aquaponics in the greenhouse.

I love February gardening!

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