Doesn’t it always happen…..

On the coldest day of the year so far, we are awoken at 5am to thesmoke alarm shrill sound of our fire alarm system! Scary, but no smoke smell and the house was actually cold when I hit the floor. This is a hard-wired system with a battery back-up.

I checked the entire house and the breaker boxes and found no sign of any smoke or fire. So I reset the alarm system and turned my attention to the furnace, since the temperature of the house was down to fifty-nine degrees.

The furnace seemed to be running fine, firing, heating as it should but would not raise the overall temperature of the house. Then I noticed that it kept cycling, only running for a few minutes, shutting down and then restarting. That could not be good, something is amiss, but……

Again the fire alarm sounds! Could this just be a coincidence or are the two related somehow? I changed the battery backup but the alarm kept cycling and repeating it’s shrill alert about every 15 minutes. I kept resetting for a while but then decided to do a little internet research on our detectors.

I found a great site about maintaining and cleaning our detectors. I removed, cleaned, and reset each alarm in the house to no avail. Still the shrill sound. One of the detectors was malfunctioning which in a hard-wired system sets them all off. The detector heads  were 10 years old so replacing them made the most sense. I went on to Amazon and ordered the replacement detectors for our system.

As a side note I could not live without Amazon Prime and especially same day delivery from the local warehouse! I received the replacement heads within about 6 hours at half the cost of our local suppliers. This did resolve the issue, so my thoughts can turn back to the furnace.

Our furnace is only about 9 years old and is a high-efficiency system. (92%) Since I know nothing about them, I called a friend who is an HVAC tech. He was here within an hour, but almost wish he wasn’t with the news he brought.

Crack in the heat exchanger-this furnace is dome after only 9 years! What happened to the American business belief in quality products? The last furnace in this house was over 50 years old before it went out.

Oh, well getting upset does not heat the house, so they will be over tomorrow morning with our new higher efficiency system(96%) to install. Doesn’t it always seem to happen on the coldest day of the year?


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