Feeding Frenzy!

Each morning I enter the greenhouse between 6 & 6:30 to check the aquaponics equipment, temperatures, and water. Once everything is checked and confirmed, it is time to feed the tilapia.

Waiting in anticipation
Waiting in anticipation

This is an interesting moment in time. The fish always come to the top of the water within a minute or two of my arrival, awaiting what they know is coming. Normally I will watch them for a short time and its almost like they are a begging dog, sitting there, waiting, watching, anticipating the treat to come.

Here are some pictures of the frenzy that takes place once that first morsel of food hits the water. From the pictures, it is hard to see the utter chaos that is happening, but I do get wet every morning from the splashing!

feed 009 feed 008 feed 007 feed 006 feed 005 0214 008 0214 007 0214 006 0214 004



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