Exciting world of aquaponics

I am really getting excited about the new growth happening in all of our aquaponics beds in the greenhouse!

It has only been 2-4 weeks on most of the items but all is really starting to shape up.

This grow bed (constant height system) has only been growing about 3-4 weeks but look at the celery and garlic growth. Yes the celery was started from an organic stalk butt we purchased at whole foods.

Aquaponics growth 003 Aquaponics growth 002 Aquaponics growth 001







Here is a look at out tomatoes and lettuce in the fill & drain systems.

Lettuce, tomatoes, & cucumber
Lettuce, tomatoes, & cucumber
Aquaponics growth-tomatoes
Aquaponics growth-tomatoes






Yes that is potatoes in the picture. The root crop experiment seems to be going good.


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