The Inexpensive Gardener

Love simple & inexpensive!

Old World Garden Farms

When it comes to gardening, the truth is – it’s only expensive if you choose to make it that way. There are many ways to create, grow and harvest your own food without spending a bushel-full of cash.

Cucumber blooms in last year's garden Cucumber blooms in last year’s garden

With a little thought and ingenuity – you can nearly grow all of your own fresh food for free – with plenty left over for preserving by canning or freezing. With the ever-rising cost of fresh vegetables at the supermarket – if your goal is to eat healthier this year and with less preservatives in your diet – growing your own vegetables might be just what the doctor and your wallet ordered!

Preparing Your Growing Space: Keep It Simple – And Cheap!

Whether it’s buying or renting a rototiller to prepare the soil, or purchasing expensive wood or stone to build raised growing beds – if you let it – setting up…

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