Shipping Container Micro Farm

Dock to Home

urbanfarmunit01Developed by Damien Chivialle this micro farm, also known as an Urban Farm Unit (UFU), makes growing local produce possible in largely urban areas.  Urban Farm Units such as these seek to bring urban dwellers the opportunity to grow and cultivate organic produce with minimal interference.  This module, a shipping container with an over head greenhouse space, can be dismantled and relocated to any other location that will allow it.  Built to be a shared farm, each of these units are meant to supply local residents with needed organic supplies as well as improve the quality of available goods to the entire community.urbanfarmunit02The creation of these UFU’s has been made possible through increased growth technologies like aquaponics, which combines aquaculture and hydroponics in a symbiotic environment to enable food production.  The design of these specific shipping container units comes with all the technology in place, this includes the hydroponics…

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