Fanatic Carrots! Yes, You Can Grow Root Based Vegetables in an Aquaponics System!

Urban Farm Fanatic


Long time, no post. Not exactly a good way to keep people entertained with my blog, granted, but, like many I’ve been dealing with hiccups in my system as of late.

It started with a fish die off fiasco (essentially lost my initial batch of Talapia, lost my second batch of Talapia, switched temporarily to Goldfish to keep the veggies going, but bought a sick batch from a local Petsmart ((hint: if you see a lot of swimmers in the tank when you go to buy, find someplace else, they’re already diseased)) so got a second batch from another store location and that seemed to do the trick) then I had to deal with Ph problems in the water.

carrots-02Following my growbed expansion, all my measurements sorta went out the window with regards to maintaining proper Ph. For the longest time I was putting in waaaay to little Muriatic…

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