Every Penny part II: Track Your Spending

more than mommy

I wrote a post before about how I try to stay as thrifty as possible to assuage my stay-at-home mom, doesn’t-bring-home-the-bacon guilt and I mentioned that a technique I’ve used before is to track my spending.

I rarely buy things for myself and whenever my husband or I do, we always spend within an agreed upon limit.  However, more times than not I am walking to the register with my thrifty purchase in hand feeling so guilty for spending money on myself when this $5, $10, $20 could be going to our savings or bills or loans.  Whenever we’ve gone over budget in the past I spend a good few days just blaming my selfish shopping because my (illogical and unreasonable) guilt always forces me to assume that the overage was from something I bought for myself.

Well, for the past 6 or so months we’ve been feeling the squeeze…

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