convince me to get chickens


I bet the title gave it away, huh?

Look, I’ve spent a lot of hours making as sure as possible that logistically this can work. I know it can. I’ve laid out the coop, the  run, and thought about the realities; the mice and raccoons, vacations and ventilation and freezing cold. I’ve stepped outside with the plans and walked the space, going over each detail in my head.

We’ve raised chickens in earlier years.  We kind of know what it’s about, but we forget over the years.  We won’t have space for more than five hens, probably more like four, because the basis of the whole shebang is using an existing structure which is only about 5′ x 6′ with a concrete ‘seat’ dissecting it.

One of the realities gave me pause. The cost. It’s not a fortune, but still…the lumber, fencing, food and water containers, the litter, feed and grit. And yeah…

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