Compost Here We Come!

more than mommy

When I was little composting meant dumping all our vegetable and fruit leftovers in a big heap in the farthest back corner of the yard where my grandfather would also burn the trash.  What my grandparents ever did with that smelly mess I never thought to ask.  I have personally never composted or even thought of the possibility of composting but as I am getting deeper into the world of gardening and homesteading I’m asking myself – why not?

Composting helps plants to grow bigger and healthier.   It adds organic material back into the soil which in turn helps the soil to retains more water and nutrients.  It also saves you the hassle (and money!) of driving down to Home Depot for mulch or other gardening soil additives.  Tired of bagging up sacks of dead leaves in the fall?  No problem.  Add those to your compost heap too for a…

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