Permaculture #6. Efficient Energy Planning

Breaking down the permaculture principles from “Permaculture Ethics & Principles” from New England Permaculture Homestead.

Building a New England Homestead

Efficient energy planning is all about three things: zones, sectors, and slope.  Using these three categories, you can set up your homestead so that you will need to use the least energy possible.  This means energy from people and energy in other forms such as wind or water.  In order to get the most accomplished in the least amount of time, increasing efficiency, you should follow these ideas.

The idea of zones is based on the idea that the areas on your homestead that you would visit the most often should be closest to your house or the easiest to access.  The areas of the homestead that you visit the least are the furthest off the path.  The zones are set up from zone 0 to zone 5 with 0 being your house.  Zone 1 is comprised of all the things that need the most attention or need to be…

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