Aquaponics > Organic?


Thanks to all who came on the Meetup tour on Saturday. It was great to see everyone out here. I’ll post more about it with pictures next week.

Today’s post is about something that I’ve heard from people in the aquaponics community on occasion.

“Aquaponics is amazing, it’s more than organic”

Of course, what people mean by this is that food grown using the aquaponics method can be healthier, more nutrient rich, safer, better for the environment, etc. I hadn’t really thought too much about this phrase until recently when I was talking with a customer at a farmers market. This customer came into our booth smelling the fresh oregano and basil we have, and after introducing herself, asked me if we were organic.

I told her that while we weren’t certified, we use organic seeds and don’t use chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.

She responded by saying that she…

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