It’s not always easy being green – but I don’t do easy. Here is where I start : my green goals for 2015


Between the ages of 10 and 18, I think I annoyed the pants off most of my family and friends with my environmental demands. Demands including “stop using plastic wrap!”, “recycle!”, “don’t use paper!”, “compost!” , “switch of the light!”.  Why stop at 18? Well I didn’t really – but I started university studying Environmental Engineering so then had a collective group of fellow ‘greenies’  to vent frustrations with everyday!

I was called called a tree-hugging hippie. Told I would never find a job. Laughed at. Called an idealist. All which made me fight harder at a time when these ideas were certainly not commonplace.

Now, as these ideas are no longer ideas but very much in the mainstream (During my Masters I heard an investment banker talk about climate change!), I find that, quite simply, I am just not doing enough.

Yes life has changed. I am married to a…

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