Solar City-Is it worth it?

What is so great about Solar City? How about free installation and included maintenance for the life of the contract? That means no paying for repairs or replacement! Cleaner, Greener, Smarter choice!

For more information or to get a RISK-FREE, no obligation consultation:


5 thoughts on “Solar City-Is it worth it?”

  1. That’s interesting about Solar City. Do you get any $ back for playing the ad? I like the fact that they are building a gigafactory for solar panels IN THE US AND NOT IN CHINA!!! The sooner we wean ourselves off fossil fuel, the better, and the giant factory will help bring the cost down.


    1. Solar City is the market leader in solar installations, almost double that of the second place company. I am very big on solar because I believe that it makes more sense to utilize a god-given, renewable source than to depend on fossil fuels. No I do not receive any money for the advertising, but i do receive a referral fee for any referrals. Thanks for stopping by.


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