Growing cold, and a bit about The seed starting monster,

Aquaponics is growing in popularity because of all of the benefits it produces!


So early this year I started reading about the magical concept of aquaponics.

The basic gist being you can raise fish for eating in a reasonably small body of water, they excrete magic grow formulae for plants and the water is continuously cycled through beds of edible plant life.

The diy geek in me started pulling at my shirt and smacking my arm because this pretty much looked like a magical-perfect-system which would be infinitely-awesome-sauce.

So I started watching YouTube videos of some weirdos pulling fish out of kiddie pools in their back yards, learning about bell siphons, grow rafts, sump tanks, and swirl filters. My kind and loving wife looked at me with suspicion (yes I saw that). But at every turn this looked good enough to be true, and so I went shopping for plumbing parts and went to the hydroponics…

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