Permaculture #5 Each Function is Supported by Many Elements

Breaking down the permaculture principles from “Permaculture Ethics & Principles” from New England Permaculture Homestead.

Building a New England Homestead

Just like you want everything to do more than one thing, you wanted everything supported by many things.  Things go wrong, things break, plants and animals can die.  If you have a giant monoculture corn farm and you have crop failure for one reason or another, then you loose everything.  If you plant a little bit of a bunch of things, then when your corn fails you just don’t have corn that year.  You still have plenty of food.  This is hugely important.  If you are going to be self reliant, or what ever term you choose to use, you don’t want to loose everything.  That could make for a truly devastating season.

Since I am already talking about food, I will continue on this path.  There is far more to it than just the garden.  Obviously, you would be planting more than just corn in a home garden.  Then…

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