Permaculture #4. Each Element Performs Many Functions

Breaking down the permaculture principles from “Permaculture Ethics & Principles” from New England Permaculture Homestead.

Building a New England Homestead

When designing with permaculture in mind, everything you should have should be good for many things.  Everything should provide as much as possible.  Having something that is only good for one reason, is not the best choice.  Also, using things to their full potential is a must.  You would be surprised how much you can get out of one thing.

In order to get all the uses out of something you could possibly get, you have to know all about the plant or animal you are looking to introduce.  What does it eat or need for nutrients?  How much water does it need?  What kind of shelter does it need or possibly provide?  What are it’s habits?  How much space does it need?  What kind of environment does it need to live in?  What are it’s waste products?  What else can you learn about this plant or animal?  Dig deep!…

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