Permaculture #2. Relative Location

Breaking down the permaculture principles from “Permaculture Ethics & Principles” from New England Permaculture Homestead.

Building a New England Homestead

Relative location is what keeps you from running in circles and walking all over the place to get things done.  Relative location saves you time, work and money. Relative location i putting things close together that could benefit from each other.  Part of permaculture is making systems, having different things that provide for each other.  Wouldn’t it just make sense that if different elements in your life benefit each other, then they should be close together?  I think the best way for me to explain this is to give some examples.

The first thing that comes to mind is a hugelkultur bed.  Rather than hauling your finished compost all over the garden, why not just plant your garden right in a compost pile?  All the rotting trees, branches and leaves you can find in a big organized heap is actually a raised bed for you vegetables.  Perfect.  I will have…

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