Permaculture Ethics and Principles

Interested in Permaculture? I was planning on writing a post about getting started, but New England Permaculture Homestead did such a great job that I decided to repost it. Enjoy!

Building a New England Homestead

Permaculture Ethics

These are pretty self explanatory.  Ethics to follow throughout permaculture and life.

1. Care for earth

2. Care for people

3. Share the surplus: produce, time, and energy

Permaculture Principles

There are different versions of the principles depending on where you look.  The principles that I am using are the ones presented in the permaculture class I found online.  I will go into more detail on each in it’s own section, but for now, here there are with a brief explanation, many straight from the class:

1. Observe and interact

“Continuous observation, using all of our senses, to detect and learn the patterns of nature, is the foundation of understanding how best to relate to the natural cycles.”

2. Relative location

“We set up working relationships between elements so that the needs of one element are filled by the yields of another element.”

3. Energy cycling

“Use incoming…

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